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Our Services

Let all your dreams come true with Vancouver's discreet and distinguished trans Duo; Dakota & Nikki!


We pride ourselves in practicing ethical, consensual kink. There is nothing we adore more than sharing our intimate interactions with lovers. We offer an extensive range of interests, skills, and toys to share with you, and we invite you to come create something extraordinary.

We will first discuss your desires, and determine that which you most wish to discover. We then curate a scene based on your wants and boundaries. Each session is unique to you, unlike any other engagement you've experienced.

The comfort, safety and satisfaction of all participants is of the utmost importance to us in our time together. It's important to obtain a basic understanding of what you're getting yourself into! We ask that you please familiarize yourself with the activities you seek, to increase your awareness in consideration to each kink of interestYour consent for any and all elected activities can be removed at any time.




30mins BJ Special - 250

1hr - 500

90mins - 750

2hrs - 1000

3hrs - 1500

4hrs - 2000

Each additional hour - 600

Plus Transportation Fee


The client agrees to be the submissive participant in this session and assume all risk and responsibility in the unlikelihood of any injury.

Dakota does not Bottom for penetration.

Nikki does not Top for penetration.


No blood play.

No toilet play (Scat/GS).



To ensure the quality of our encounter we will discuss the activities of interest to you, provide you with our restrictions, and ask for any limits & access needs you may have prior to confirmation of booking.

We offer availability 7 days a week between 11am-1am. If you wish to meet with us outside these hours, please submit a request with ample notice. Pre-booking a week or more in advance is strongly preferred to ensure we may reserve your rendezvous. Bookings with less than 24hrs notice will not likely be available upon request.

Please note that we prioritize longer sessions & returning lovers. We have limited availability for new lovers.


We communicate via text or email only. For the quickest response, please fill out our NEW BOOKING FORM.

No calls are permitted; you will not get a quicker response by calling and we will not answer. We don't respond to inquiries via blocked numbers.



1hr - 300 

90mins - 450

2hrs - 600

3hrs - 900

4hrs - 1200

Each additional hour - 300

Plus Transportation Fee

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