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DAkota   Killborne

Vancouver, BC

I'm a hot top trans girl, I work as a sensual Domme. 
My lovers find that I provide an organic, authentic experience that cannot be replicated. 

I like to take my time to get to know my lovers, what your needs are, what you like and what kind of aftercare you are interested in.

I will work within your own wants and boundaries and customize a scene to fit you however tame or heavy your kinks may be.

My services are primarily based on sensual kink.

I specialize on things like bondage (rope play/ shibari) and impact enjoy putting people into compromising positions, pleasing and torturing people and giving sadistic and sensual massages.

I offer an array of different kinks from humiliation, sissification and anal training to knife play.

Although I do enjoy just giving a sensual BJ.

It's up to you how far you want to take your fantasy.

Having quite the toy collection I am known to put it in use often, you are welcome to ask about kinks and how I do things.

I’m excited to offer in-person encounters:


*** I offer sessions for returning lovers, with limited availability for new lovers at this time.***

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