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Vancouver, BC

Welcome to the Rose Garden!

Hello lovely soul! My name is Rose,  or Mistress Venus to subs. My passions include exploring the human body, making meaningful connections, dancing on my gorgeous gf Dakota, hands-on learning, and adventuring in nature. When I’m not in the company of captivating connections and cuddles, I like to curl up in a comfy corner with a pen and paper or frolic in the forest. I’m always interested in hearing from a fun-guy, groovy gal, or quaint queer. I welcome all bodies, abilities, and identities with warmth and butt wiggles. :)


I’m excited to offer a variety of experiences including Domination, classic companionship, and kinky encounters! I offer solo sessions for returning lovers, with limited availability for new lovers at this time. I currently offer two avenues for duos with Goddess Dakota Killborne:


The Dominatrix Duo

• The Paramour Pair

Looking for more about me?

I'm a youthful, pansexual paramour with small tits and juicy lips. I’m naturally quite tall and slim with curves. I have a collection of tattoos and ocean blue eyes for you to explore throughout our encounter. I’m an all natural curly-haired lady with a lush rose bush. I currently have a head of soft blonde hair and you'll find that the only sections of my body I shave are the sides of my head. I'm remembered for my bright smile, twinkly eyes, playfulness and integrity. I’m kinky, kind, and confident. I've been known to be soft, sweet and shy, but don't be fooled by my smile. You'll find that I have soft petals to accompany my sharp thorns.

What turns me on, you ask?

Clear communication, curiosity, conscious consideration and consent. I simply adore providing pleasure in pain. With years of experience in woodworking, I must admit my eagerness to work with wood. Hold me firmly and drill me, or turn the tables and submit to my sadistic sensuality. If you let me, I’ll take the time to learn what satisfies your senses and delve into your deepest desires.


*low volume due to covid*

*independent companion & Dominatrix*


I take covid precautions to protect the health of myself and my dear ones, yourself included. I provide transparent, honest communication and I expect the same from my prospective dates. Nothing ravishes me more than to receive a detailed message; I appreciate you taking the time to read my booking policies and availability prior to contacting me!



xx Rose

For more pictures and a peek into my world, follow me on Twitter and visit my tryst page.

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